Designed for transportation and landing of people, goods and military equipment at distances up to 6000 km, and special tasks.

First 100 serial An-12, because of the desire to maximize unify them with passenger An-10 had a sealed structure middle of the fuselage and leaking - the tail that unnecessarily increases the weight of the airframe and complicated production. Therefore, all further HHV performed without regard to his fellow passenger.
In 1961 began production of the An-12A with increased - up to 16600 liters - fuel capacity and improved engines AI-12A ( 4x4000 hp). Maximum capacity of this machine is increased to 20000 kg.
In total during active operation have developed several options:
AN-12, AN-12A, An-12B, An-12BK, An-12P, An-12AP and An-12BP - transport aircraft;
An-12BK-PPS, An-12BK-IS and AN-12FR - EW aircraft;
An-12BP "Cyclone" - meteolaboratory plane.

Maximum speed of 780 km/h;
Cruising speed of 535-550 km/h;
Climb 10 m/s;
Landing speed of 200 km/h;
Service ceiling 10200 m;
Maximum range with a load of 20000 kg - 3600 km;
Ferry range 6,200 km;
Takeoff/run 700/500 m;
Required runway length of 2200 m.


Operating organization Dates reception and delivery
m/u 49271 28.11.1970 - 17.03.1971
m/u 42841 19.03.1971 - 08.12.1995
AC «TRANSAIR-SAMARA» 09.12.1995 - 21.08.1998
SS SUE «KHATANGA UA» 21.08.1998 - 04.09.2008
LLC «Bilmer» 21.11.2008 - 09.03.2010
«Classerv Ltd.» 09.03.2010 - 20.02.2015
Private JSC «Airline «UKRAINE - AEROALYANS» 20.02.2015 - till now